chief-vanceChief Monte L. Vance welcomes you to our community by saying; "The Village of Danville has an "Home-town" atmosphere causing you to have pride that you belong to such a fine community. I personally look upon this community as family. I grew up here and I have had many experiences afforded me by my belonging to this great community. It is an encouragement that I have had over the tenure of my law enforcement career to have watched so many whom have been a part of this community to share their support, ideas and concerns which have strengthened our community." Chief Vance encourages you to also come and share yourself and your families by becoming a part of this great community of the Village of Danville.


A society free from crime and disorder remains an unachieved idea. Nevertheless, consistent with the values of the community in which we work, it is the primary objective of this department's role to enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to have their possessions secure, and to live in peace. It is not the role of the department to legislate, render legal judgments, or to punish. The department serves the people of the community by performing their law enforcement functions in a professional manner, and it is to these people the Danville Police Department is ultimately responsible. In joining this department, officers are to make these responsibilities diligently, courteously and to take pride in the service they provide.

The department's dispatch number is 740-397-3333. 

The department's office number is 740-599-6888.

In case of EMERGENCY call 911.


Do you have information to pass on that may lead to solving a local crime or information on crimes being commited in your neighborhood that needs to come to the attention of the police department?

You can either call or email Police Chief Monte L. Vance (email) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Neighborhood Watch Meeting 1 12 2015

Officer Kevin Henthorne and Corporal Lisa Lyons addressing the residents of Danville at the Neighborhood Watch Meeting Monday evening January 12, 2015

Our next Neighborhood Watch meeting is February 26th @ 7 PM at the Saint Luke's Community Center 7 West Rambo Street



shop with a cop 14 a

Knox Co. FOP Lodge #147 and local law enforcement teams up with Walmart to shop with needy kids.



Danville Police Department 

  Department Photo Shoot 2014 1401

Top Row: L-R  Officer Chad Lishness, Police Chief Monte Vance, Lt. Daniel Weckesser, Aux. Officer Kevin Henthorn

 Bottom Row: L-R  Aux. Officer Tom Cottrell, Aux. Cpl. Lisa Lyons, Aux. Officer John Krzoski 


Department Photo Shoot 2014 1541

K-9 Officer Lt. Daniel Weckesser & Lasko

Police News

Danville Police Calls

Dec. 2014

Assist Outside Police Depts (5)

Assist Citizens (3)

K-9 Detail (3)

Bad Checks (1)

Dog/Animal Complaints (3)

Disturbance (6)

Disorderly Conduct (1)

Domestic violence (1)

Unruly Juvenile (1)

Thefts (1)

Gas Drive Offs (2)

Prowler (1)

House Check Request (1)

Suspicious Vehicle (1)

Traffic Complaint (1)

Parking complaint (1)

Abandoned Vehicle (1)

Vandalism (4)

Fraud (2)

Unsecure Blgs. (2)

Phone Harassment (2)

Recover Stolen Property (2)

Civil (2)

Lost & Found (2)

Threats (1)

Business Alarm (2)

Residential Alarm (1)

Total December Calls = 53

Criminal Charges = 4

Traffic Citations = 5

Police Alerts

Danville Police encourages all Village residents to go to the web site listed below and sign up for Knox County Alerts. On this web site the Village of Danville has specific alerts that residents may sign up for from the Village. You may receive alerts via text messages, email or phone. You may sign up for the following specific Alerts related to Danville only:

Boil Advisories

Water Shut Off Alerts

Street Closures

Parking Ban

Crime Alert

Police Dept. Alert

Community Event Info

There are other various Knox County Alerts that you may also choose to receive listed on the sign-up sheet.   

Click here:


Police Bulletin Board

 Danville Police

2013 Calls

Total All Calls = 1,024 

 Assist Other Police (56)

 Assist Citizens (57)

 Crisis Intervention Assist (11)

 Weather Related (6)

 Arrest (12)

 Follow-up (2)

 Probation Violation (3)

 Burglary (5)

 Breaking & Entering (13)

K-9 Deployment (8)

 Bad Checks (10)

  Dog/Animal (25)

Disturbance (115)

 Disorderly Conduct (3)

   Menacing (2)

Domestic Violence (3)

 Protection Order Violation (1)

 Alleged Child Abuse (4)

 Public Intoxication (2)

 Underage Drinking (3)

 Alcohol Related (other) (1)

 Fight (1)

 Fire (3)

 Unruly Juvenile (35)

 Juvenile Smoking Violation (1)

 Contributing to Delinquency (1)

 Curfew Violation (4)

 Thefts (53)

 Rec. Stolen Property (2)

 Gas Drive Off (3)

 Theft From Elderly (1)

 Missing Persons (9)

 Officer in Trouble (1)

 Prowler (5)

 Sex Offense (other than rape) (6)

 Discharging Firearm (1)

 Vehicle Theft (2)

 Unauthorized Use of Vehicle (2)

 Suicide Attempt (3)

 House Check (29)

 Suspicious Person (37)

 Suspicious Mail/Item (1)

 Suspicious Vehicle (24) 

 Civil Papers Served (1)

 Traffic Complaints (43)

 Parking Complaints (17)

 Disabled Vehicles (3)

Confiscate Vehicle Plates (2)

 Court Order Immobilize Vehicle (1)

 Vandalism (19)

 Accidental Property Damage (1)

 Criminal Mischief (23)

 Criminal Damaging (4)

 Trespassing (11)

 Shoplifting (1)

 Theft From Vehicles (2)

 Fraud (6)

 Falsification (1)

 Identity Theft (1)

 Unsecured Building (45)

 Information (142)

 Phone Harassment (29)

 911 Calls (6)

 Recover Stolen Property (2)

 Assaults (2)

 Trash (8)

 Civil (24)

 Lost & Found (27)

 Threats (2)

 Drug Related (9)

 Drug Paraphernalia (5)

 Drug Overdose (1)

 Alarm Drops (14)

Auto Crash (16)

Traffic Citations (105)

 Criminal Charges (62)

Safety Tips